McCain Gets Obama's Rejects

As we mentioned earlier this week, Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee is endorsing Republican presidential hopeful John McCain.

Papi went on and on about McCain in a recent magazine interview about how great of a person he is.

It's probably best that Daddy Yankee, who's well known for his raunchy lyrics and who also has an assault charge, is endorsing McCain and not Obama.

In 2007, Daddy Yankee was accused of assaulting a soccer player at his hotel. And somehow during the altercation, he got shot in his leg.

So who would have thought Yankee and McCain would even have their names in the same sentence????

And, even less, have McCain introduce the famous Gasolina singer at a Phoenix high school to perform????


However, here's the best part.

Looks like Daddy Yankee was just doing it for the publicity.

Surprise, surprise.

According to reports, a source for the Democratic Party says Daddy Yankee had originally approached Barack Obama's Latino outreach staff earlier this year with the possibility to endorse Barack.

However, Barack's people weren't interested in his support, for obvious reasons.

That's when he moved over to try and use McCain for some publicity.

However, an email from McCain's spokesman, Michael Golfarb, says, "That’s a 'Ludacris' suggestion, and given the number of shady characters and organizations that have endorsed Barack Obama, we find it hard to believe the Obama campaign has turned down any endorsements at all."

What good would Daddy Yankee do????

One, he's Puerto Rican and P.R. is a U.S. Territory - so they don't vote in Presidential elections. And, Daddy Yankee primarily appeals to the much younger, non-voting crowd.

Good choice there, McCain.

Who's next to endorse you, Snoop Dogg?