John McCain Yanks El Cangri’s Vote

Has Daddy Yankee forgotten what it is to be a poor kid in Puerto Rico? Probably. The riches from his mega hit “Gasolina” have finally spoiled his mind . . . and his music (you heard his awful “Pose”). Now El Cangri is vouching for Republican presidential candidate John “War! It’s Good For Everything” McCain.

"We talked about boxing, we're both boxing fanatics," he revealed to He continued: "He said, 'Yankee, I was a soldier. And I saw people die next to me, Latinos who never got their citizenship but who were willing to die for this country. I saw a Hernandez, I saw a Rodriguez, how they killed them.' And that broke my heart hearing that. And I went, man, this guy lived it. He’s not just going, 'hey I want your vote.' He lived it."

And he wants more of our young people to die. I for one am not keen on politicians or the boys in blue for that matter but unless you’re a rich Cuban why would you back the Republican nominee? Lesser of two evils, Yankee. Yes, McCain has been supportive of The DREAM Act but that was then and now he doesn’t even want to answer a survey about Latinos. Just because he didn’t talk to you like you were an idiot doesn’t mean he has your gente’s interests in mind. Smarten up, Yankee.

**Jesus talks**