Daddy Yankee Hearts John McCain

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag can add Daddy Yankee to their small, Hollywood Republican crew.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton star told Latina magazine that the Senator made an impression on him the first time they met, at an event nearly two years ago:

"I thought he was a really cool person, and this was way before he was even a presidential candidate, and I liked him a lot."

The two reconnected last month when they were both in New York.

Daddy Yankee says:

"He invited me [to Washington] and I went. We talked about boxing, we're both boxing fanatics…the cool thing about McCain is that the same guy that was senator is the same guy who is running for president now. When I talked to him, I never felt beneath him, he looks directly at me when he’s speaking to me, and we have the same level of respect for each other."

He was also very impressed with McCain's military service:

But it was the stories McCain told him of his time on the battlefield that really struck a chord with the musician. "He said, 'Yankee, I was a soldier. And I saw people die next to me, Latinos who never got their citizenship but who were willing to die for this country. I saw a Hernandez, I saw a Rodriguez, how they killed them.' And that broke my heart hearing that. And I went, man, this guy lived it. He’s not just going, 'hey I want your vote.' He lived it."

The music star went on to say, "I was surprised I have to say at how willing to listen he is. People who haven’t met him might get the wrong perception of him but he's totally different."

But, when the mag asked if he had plans to meet with Democratic candidate Barack Obama, Yankee responded with a curt, "No."

Daddy Yankee's a little hypocritical there, wouldn't you say?

Shouldn't you give Barack Obama the chance to show you that your perceptions of him could be wrong and he might be 'totally different' from what you expected??????