Daddy Yankee Backs McCain

(PHOENIX) – Shrieking teenage girls and gasps of adulation is not how John McCain is usually greeted by the high school set, but that’s what happened when McCain brought Puerto Rican reggaeton star Daddy Yankee with him to Central High School here today.

“I’m here endorsing Sen. McCain,” Mr. Yankee, née Ramon Ayala, announced to a crowd of around 100 students. “I believe in his ideals to lead this nation...he’s been a fighter for the Hispanic community...he's been a fighter for the immigration issue...”

McCain introduced Daddy Yankee, whom he referred to as Ramon, as a “special friend” whose song “Gasolina” the assembled group would be familiar with. “Gasolina” was a crossover hit last year, and although Daddy Yankee is singing about gasoline, the translated lines of the Spanish song may not be referring to what you put in your car. A sampling:

“She turns on the turbines / She makes no distinctions / She likes gasoline (give me more gasoline!) / How she adores gasoline!”

When asked about what his song was referring to, Daddy Yankee gave a sly grin. “It’s about energy independence,” he said with a smile, eliciting a laugh from the press corps.

McCain himself was unavailable for comment about the endorsement or the meaning of the song. Even though the schedule called the event a press conference, the press was not given the opportunity to ask questions. The last time McCain spoke to the national press was August 13, 12 days ago and counting.

**CBS News**