Is Daddy Yankee Hatin’ On Dominicans?

Dominican underground rapper Vaquero is stirring up chisme by suggesting that Daddy Yankee’s “Somos de Calle,” the main cinematic title for “Talento de Barrio” is a negative shot at Dominicans. The Big Boss quickly denied these rumors by firmly clarifying:

No never. Hip-hop is unity and Dominican Republic is my second country. You understand that I am the type of man that makes moves based on intelligence and that is all based on ignorance. The title refers to the science of the streets in Puerto Rico. So let’s set this straight, we support Dominican hip-hop and we know it’s a genre that will reach success in the industry.

Dicho y claro! Now this cowboy can step down and find a new way to get some shine. [MTV Tr3s Radio Noticias]