Daddy Yankee: "The Democrats Are Lying!"

As we mentioned yesterday, Presidential hopeful John McCain has an endorsement from Puerto Rican Reggaeton musician Daddy Yankee.

Though we've since come to find out that the McCain lover had originally offered to endorse and perform for Barack Obama.

Now, Daddy Yankee's rep is denying the reports of any initial Obama support.

Mayna Nevarez says that the story "is completely false. Our camp never approached the Obama camp. The Obama and Clinton camps were calling our office before the Puerto Rican primary, trying to get Yankee to endorse them. The McCain camp approached us, as well."

We find it hard to believe that Obama's people would want to be associated with Daddy Yankee!

Nevarez adds, "Yankee considered all the proposals and he liked McCain's. That's why he decided to endorse him. There was never an offer to endorse Obama. That never happened."

Spin spin, sugar!