McCain and Daddy Yankee????!!! Really....?

Despite strenuous denial by unnamed but reliable sources close to the throbbing heart of the McCain camp, rumours stubbornly persist regarding a possible collaboration between the Republican nominee for the oval office, John McCain, and the influential Latino superstar Daddy Yankee, in order, apparently, to attempt to shore up the flagging immigrant and youth vote, as well as Republicans disaffected with McCain's energy policy.

**What Im wondering here if this collaboration is NOT true, why is the Gasolina playing in McCain's new political Ads??? Can someone explain this on to me??? I hope this PERSISTENT rumor is NOT true! Cause me personally wouldn't like the Republican party to have such a heavy duty hitter like Daddy Yankee on his side? It makes me wonder, is he doing this because Obama has Don Omar? humm.. I guess ONLY time will tell.....**


Nitza said...

Really.. Aug 2nd Yankee was seen going in to McCains camp. Just wondering what his agenda is since he is a resident of PR and not allowed to vote for a presidentail candidate.

La Cangri Del Blogger said...

I believe PR residents can vote for an US President as well cause McCain and Obama have made their ways to PR to campaigned over there...Once again I could be wrong. Or it could be use to influence Latino Votes in the States... Really, who knows??!!