Daddy Yankee reigns over reggaeton

Rhythm of reggaeton has spoken out about Hispanic and Latino communities since the early 1990s, and the head of reggaeton these days is a global superstar known as Daddy Yankee. A form of urban music, reggaeton originating in Panama as a mixture of West Indian music as Jamaican dancehall reggae and Latin America than found in salsa, merengue, cumbia and the like. But, Reggaeton blends are also strong pace with the pulse of hip hop, contemporary R & B and electronica influences, seem to feature hip hop or the kind of Spanish. With all these influences, but now reggaeton is closely related to Puerto Rico, where the music first became popular and where most of the stars of today have their roots. Reggaeton lyrics tend to be more equal than hip hop, dancehall, with global issues, particularly the requirement for urban youth. As hip hop and “gangsta”, or “Thug Life” identity, reggaeton has its share of controversy with explicit lyrics praise violence and degrading women and “war” between the artists, where musicians “diss” each other in their songs. Reggaeton achieved mainstream exposure in 2004 when the megahit Daddy Yankee, the “Gasolina” from album “Barrio Fino” flew around the world, education in North America, Europe and Asian audiences. Barrio Fino “originally sold over 10 million copies worldwide, making Daddy Yankee, the reggaeton singer first to earn a platinum disc. Eventually, after an international tour that included France, Russia, Poland and much of Latin America,” Barrio Fino ” winning star of six platinum albums, signifying their total turnover of 60 million albums. Born Raymond Ayala February 3, 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee is the artist most responsible for the globalization of Reggaeton. Also known as “El Cangri” (roughly translated as “cool cat” or “sexiest man”), Daddy Yankee reggaeton today is undoubtedly the “big boss”, another of the aliases and possibly a tribute to rock super star Bruce Springsteen, whose nickname is “The Boss”. Ayala named the stadium, is “Daddy Yankee,” in part the form of admiration for hip hop artist Big Daddy Kane, and by his love for New York Yankees baseball. DUNDEE Yankee performs rare cap is not recorded by the Yankees. It is designed to become a professional baseball player himself as Puerto Rico and many stars, but a bullet wound in his leg when he was 16 crushed dreams of the diamond. Instead, Daddy Yankee turned to reggaeton music, a career change that brought the potentially much greater success than baseball. Since its debut in 1995, a collection of music, reggaeton, Daddy Yankee has increased the top end to the global phenomenon that has become reggaeton. Today is not only a singer but a songwriter, actor, producer and composer of film music, broadcaster and entrepreneur. 2006, there were among the 100 most influential people by Time magazine in the world. Summer 2009 was Wowing audiences in Ecuador and Argentina, where his concerts because of a platinum disc for the last album, “Talento de Barrio,” the soundtrack of the 2008 Paramount Pictures film of the same name. Like many a music mogul who has worked his way up from poverty to worldwide fame and wealth, is Daddy Yankee now uses his wealth and his influence in favor of the less fortunate. Create Corazón Guerrero, a foundation devoted to helping former prisoners in Puerto Rico to return to society. He has also started projects to build schools and youth centers and improve housing for poor people in Colombia, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.