Daddy Yankee in Medellin, Colombia

Daddy Yankee is only the most popular reggaeton (kind of like Spanish hip hop-rap) star in Latin America and I saw him perform in concert. I made plans with a 19 year old Colombian guy through Couchsurfing to go together to the concert in Medellin. While Couchsurfing is great resource, I do prefer meeting people naturally but for something as desirable as this concert I wanted some company.

By the way, this took place in August after nearly a month in Bolivia and a few days back in Argentina when I flew from Buenoes Aires back to Colombia, making it my fourth separate trip to the country.

I tried to go see Daddy Yankee on the same tour in Bolivia but if you read my last post you will understand that Bolivia is business challenged and so the concert never happened. I never did get a refund for my concert ticket.

I digress.

I met Sebastian at the metro station along with one of his buddies. Together, the three of us met a few of their friends at the stadium and entered early enough to arrive before any of the opening bands were set to play.

Now usually my Couchsurfing meetup experiences are positive and hardly awkward. But in this situation I had a hard time feeling comfortable.

All of them were really great friends
Only Sebastian spoke any English and the rest spoke too fast for me to be able to participate in any conversations
They all kept asking if I was okay because I was not saying much
The girls kept wanting to grind but I had nothing to drink previously and have no Latin/African blood…I am a gringo after all
The girls were not attractive
When sitting down there were two skany women and 2 dangerous looking drug dealing men accidentally rubbing their asses on my head at time
It was raining and we were outdoors
Now despite all of that I did enjoy the music. Daddy Yankee and the other band Aventura were great. At one point Daddy Yankee asked everyone to take pictures with the flash on at once making a really cool flash affect.

Now despite all of that there were flashes of good times especially when I was not being asked if I felt okay. I am also certainly grateful to Sebastian for inviting me along.

After the concert Sebastian’s brother drove me and him home. They dropped me off by the taxis as I was staying in a completely different part of Medellin. I think i made an even worse impression when I decided to get some street food as they waited for me to get in a taxi from their car. I happened to be in a dangerous area and ignored their hand motions to get in a taxi from the car as I waved them off.

At the end of the night I made it home safely and was glad to have gone to the concert but also overjoyed that it was over!

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