Top 10 Celebrity Endorsements We Didn’t Care About

1. Daddy Yankee is numero uno on this list. His endorsement was absolutely meaningless. He didn’t even help McCain amongst the Latino population much less the young voters in general. Not only was the endorsement a surprise, but when Yankee was on stage with McCain it was even more awkward. Daddy Yankee also put a dent in his reputation. The rapper Fat Joe, called Yankee a traitor…Fat Joe is a scary dude, Yankee should have checked with him first before he decided to endorse McCain. Though, I’m sure any celebrity that endorsed McCain now have a spoiled reputation. McCain obviously knew little to shit about Daddy Yankee because he thought Yankee’s song was about our energy policy when really it’s about sperm…or well, I’m too shy to really say it so I won’t. You can read more about the endorsement, here.

2.Scarlett Johansson made for an interesting sideshow story. She kind of became a loser. She lied about her e-mail relationship with Obama. Then, not only that, but the coolest guy at the time, Barack Obama, completely dissed her saying he only e-mailed her once and his assistant was the one that forwarded the message to him, so she didn’t even have his personal e-mail address. Nonetheless, she still campaigned for him, I personally think she was obsessed, but thats just my opinion. But I do think that if Obama wasn’t running for President then she would have definitely turned stalker like in the movies. Anyways, you read more here.

3.No one really cared who Robert Johnson supported, but apparently he wanted us to know he was supporting Hillary Clinton. First, he slams Obama for no reason, mentioning drug use, which in turn asked why this would be relevant seeing as how Bill Clinton wasn’t without his faults. Then he tries to use his power and influence as a major donor to the democratic party by, along with other influential Hillary supporters, sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi saying they aren’t going to give anymore money to the party if Hillary doesn’t win. This guy was off his rocker, he obviously needed something else to do after retiring as the CEO of BET. Well, some may not think of him as a celebrity, but
since he tries to act like one, I might as give him the credit he deserves.

4.Well, Patricia Heaton endorsement was a surprise to me. For some reason I suspected she would be an Obama supporter, but I was wrong. Either way she did nothing for McCain. Maybe she could have helped with the womens vote.

5.And now here’s..wait I should probably warn you TRAILER PARK TRASH ALERT…JERRY SPRINGER. He was not as effective as Hillary Clinton probably hoped he would be. He did go on TV and slammed Obama a few good times, but no gave a rats ass except Larry King maybe.

6.Bet you can’t possibly guess who Donny and Marie Osmond endorsed. Well, its none other the the douche bag himself, Mitt Romney. They did little to advance Mitt’s standing amongst republicans. If anything they made Romney look less evangelical.

7.Here’s a guy who was obviously of little to no help, Sean Penn. He supported Ralph Nader. Nuff Said.

8.Kayne West. Where the hell was Kayne West? For a guy who love the lime light, he sure was missing from this process. Sure, we know he supported Obama, and he provided campaign background music but thats about all. He didn’t even create a youtube video like did that became popular. West was a lame and virtually non-existent.

9.Adam Carolla was a…MCCAIN SUPPORTER? Well, yes the hell he was. He went to some McCain fund-raising crapper in Beverly Hills. Well, at least he helped in California…NOT.

10.And last but not least, is the guy from Hercules…Kevin Sorbo. What the hell is he doing supporting McCain? I completely though he would be an Obama supporter, his sex appeal just went way down. Either way, he wasn’t even a help to McCain. And no one really cared to ask who he was supporting.
This entry was written by Yilian



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