Universal Music Group Leading Business Group Of Record Labels In Deal With Sandisk 23 September 2008

SanDisk has turned up with the announcement of its deal with four biggest record labels namely Universal Music Group, EMI Group, Sony BMG Music Entertainment as well as Warner Music Group corp as on 23rd September, 2008. Universal Music Group points out to the leading business group as well as family comprising of record labels found in the recording industry.

It is part of the Big Four record labels holding a market share of 25.5%. It is regarded as the wholly owned subsidiary of Vivendi. UMG is the owner of the biggest music publishing business in the world namely Universal Music Publishing Group and also took over BMG Music Publishing in the month of May 2007. The headquarters of Vivendi are located in Paris, France. UMG is based in California, Santa Monica, as well as the New York City, New York in the United States as accompanied with Universal Music Group Nashville. This group also has many offices in UK that are located in Romford as well as London.

The record labels of Universal Music Group is comprised of a number of best selling artists in the world namely The Killers, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Marilyn Manson, Akon, Paramore, Rihanna, The All-American Rejects, Diana Ross,Barry White, Luciano Pavarotti, Rammstein, U2, to name a few of the. Earlier "Universal Music" was a music company having its association with film studio Universal Pictures.

The formation of the present company took place when parent company Seagram went ahead and bought PolyGram and lead to its merger with Universal Music Group in the year 1998. The initial appearance of the name was seen in the year 1996 at the time when the renaming of the MCA Music Entertainment Group was done as Universal Music Group.

The separation of Universal Music Group was carried out in a complete manner from its film studio namesake after General Electric’s NBC took over Vivendi’s Vivendi Universal Entertainment in the year 2004. UMG as on January 7, 2008 turned up with the announcement that the IMF channel would stop broadcasting as its purchase has been made by a different network which deals in showcases of the fine arts.

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OK, What was the whole point to this?

La Cangri Del Blogger said...

So, people will mow how the musci industry in Which 3 of this record Labels DY is part of! So, we will ALL be affected by this merge...