Daddy Yankee Battles Fat Joe Over McCain Support

Rapper DADDY YANKEE has hit back at fellow Puerto Rican FAT JOE for criticising his public endorsement of presidential nominee JOHN McCAIN.

Fat Joe lashed out at Yankee last month (Aug08), calling him a "sellout" for supporting the Republican Senator, who's competing against Democratic nominee Barack Obama in the race to the White House this November (08).

The Lean Back hitmaker continued his tirade, challenging the reggaeton star to a debate, adding: "If he debates me about politics, he will never talk another word about a politician for the rest of his life."

But Yankee has refused to back down from his political position, contending McCain is the best choice for Latino voters.

He tells the New York Post: "McCain is the kind of man whose promises you can actually believe in. I'll support him till the end.

"I don't care who I p**s off. This is about my ideals, not about making friends."