Makers Of “Guitar Hero” Prep DJ Style Game - DJ Hero

The creators behind the super popular video game series Guitar Hero are reportedly arranging the release of a hip-hop version of the game dubbed DJ Hero.

According to Rolling Stone, the long-awaited urban-based project has been in development for nearly two years and will place users behind the boards as a virtual deejay. Similar to the musical instrument set-up as the Guitar Hero games, DJ Hero will come fully equipped with a plastic scratch deck allowing players the ability to scratch their way to superstardom.

Keeping the game in tune with its’ rock predecessors, DJ will also use the half-arc of a vinyl record to allow players the ability to prepare for each required note to hit on their screens.

Although the game has been delayed for around 24 months - combination of trying to gain the exclusive rights to sample hip-hop records and the company’s plan on incorporating the current Guitar Hero accessories to the game – it may see the light of day by next summer.

The urban-based game marks the latest sign of hip-hop’s overwhelming influence in the market. As previously reported, the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City game has sold over 10 million copies in just five months in stores – grossing more than box office smash The Dark Knight in sales.

As the latest version of the series, which has used voice-overs from rappers The Game, Ice-T, and Chuck D, GTA 4 features a heavy selection of hip-hop stations by radio personalities DJ Green Lantern, DJ Premier, Mister Cee, Daddy Yankee and others.

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