Chile Aid Efforts Continue: Telethon Begins in Chile


TV charity promotion event hopes to raise US$29 million

In response to Saturday’s earthquake, Chile’s government along with other non-governmental organizations hasdecided to hold a 24-hour telethon beginning today, March 5, at 10 pm on Channel 13.

Earlier this week, President Michelle Bachelet asked the Teletón, Hogar de Cristo, and Un Techo para Chile to organize a campaign to raise money for earthquake victims.

The Chilean telethon, called “Chile ayuda a Chile,” will be hosted by Mario Kreutzberger, more popularly known as Don Francisco. Kreutzberger hosts “Sábado Gigante” out of Miami as well as an anual Telethon in Chile that aids children with special problems. Joining him this time will be the leaders of other Chilean organizations such as Hogar de Cristo, Un Techo para Chile, Fundación Superación de la Pobreza, Anatel, and Caritas.

The organizations decided on a goal of approximately US$29 million. This amount will go towards building 30,000 emergency homes in the coastal regions most affected by the earthquake.

In addition to cash donations, the telethon will also accept material donations still in good condition because, as executive director of the Teletón Ximena Casarejos says, “The telethon is working to give more dignity to people.” Hogar de Cristo and Caritas will be in charge of the distribution of goods to the affected areas.

Casarejos hopes to send trucks full of goods to the affected regions during the telethon so that donors can see the work they are doing and that the donations are arriving.

Many celebrities will participate in the telethon including musicians Diego Torres, Américo, and La Noche. Other artists such as Shakira, Miguel Bocé, Ricky Martin, and Daddy Yankee plan to call and make donations. The national soccer coach Marcelo Bielsa will answer telephones.

The scheduled news slots will air within the proposed structure of the telethon.

Tickets are not open to the public for security reasons.

Casarejos says that the telethon is “going to lift the spirits of all Chileans” in the name of solidarity.

Within Chile, donations can be made to the bank account number 2702 at the Banco de Chile and Banco Santander. (The number of the account is the date of the earthquake). The ATMs of these banks can accept donations.

To donate by phone, call 188-800-00-2702.

From cell phones (Movistar, Claro, Entel) send a text to #7779 to donate 350 pesos, maximum 10 texts per phone.

For foreign donations, refer to the following information:

Beneficiary’s name: Fundación Teletón
Address: Mario Kreutzberger 1531, Santiago
Country: Chile
Account No.: 5000-24500-08

Beneficiary’s Bank
Account No.: 10922666
Name of the Bank: Banco de Chile
Address: Ahumada No. 251
City: Santiago
Country: Chile
Swift Code: BCHICLRM

Intermediate bank
Bank: Citibank N.A.
City: New York
Country: U.S.A.
Swift: CITIUS33
ABA: 21000089

*Have to indicate GASTOS OUR so that the telethon receives 100 percent of the donation.

The following places accept ONLY RICE, FLOUR, POWDERED MILK, NOODLES, and VEGETABLE OIL in the name of the organization Caritas:
o Colegio Isabel la Católica, Ricardo Lyon 2855 with Hernán Cortés.
o Colegio Seminario Pontificio Menor, Padre Errázuriz 7001.
o Colegio Compañía de María Apoquindo, Manquehue Sur 107.
o Colegio SS.CC Alameda, Alameda Bernardo O Higgins 2062.
o Colegio Industrial Don Orione, Pedro Aguirre Cerda 7335, Cerrillos.
o Vicaría Zona del Maipo, Santo Domingo 444 C – Puente Alto.
o Colegio Notre Dame, Los Presidentes 7001, Peñalolén.
o Colegio Academia de Humanidades, Caliche 800, Recoleta.
o Colegio Divina Providencia de Renca, Av. Domingo Sta. María 3198.
o Liceo San Francisco, Santa Rosa 9093, San Ramón.
o Escuela Matte Mesías,Puente Alto, Tocornal Grez 440, Puente Alto.
o All Santiago parhishes.

For volunteer information, visit

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