Daddy Yankee Gets Soccer Fever

Daddy Yankee is Reggaeton royalty. You might remember him for his world-wide hit 'Gasolina,' the song that put the spotlight on the now popular genre. It's been a couple of years since the explosion of Reggaeton and although sales have declined, the Puerto Rican superstar remains on top of the charts. The Latin Grammy winning performer joins the fever of the world's most popular sport, Soccer. The 2010 World Cup is almost here and Daddy Yankee gets ahead in the game naming his forthcoming album 'Mundial.' He will hardly reach the popularity of Ricky Martin and his 'The Cup of Life' classic, but this sure smells like a hit.
In celebration of his 33rd birthday and announcing his integration to Sony Music, the artist is offering a free mp3 download through his official website. It's titled 'Intenso,' and although it clearly sounds like a b-side, this is a nice unprecedented gesture.
'Mundial' will hit stores this summer. Find the link where you can download 'Intenso' and watch the video of the first official single, 'Grito Mundial,' after the jump.

Download 'Intenso' here.


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