Daddy Yankee Ignites Fans in Monterrey

After a two year absence, the “Big Boss” returned last night to the Monterrey Arena. The ecstatic audience who remained all night on their feet swinging and swaying to contagious urban and tropical rhythms, sang along to the Boss’ repertoire which included international hits “Impacto”, “Pose”, “Rompe” and “Gasolina”.

During his memorable presentation, the “Big Boss” paused to greet from he stage international personality Ricardo Gonzalez “Cepillin”, whom he said was a dream come true seeing.

“Good evening, Monterrey! I want to thank all of you for your unconditional support and for a full house for the second time. I’m humbled by your presence and I want to thank you all for such a valuable gesture. You are the best of my heart,” expressed the artist during the opening of his show.

“Que Tengo Que Hacer”, “King Daddy” where followed by the presentation of a young man by the name Abraham Flores, who was surprised by being named the winner of the show ‘Apadriname La Nave’ (a TV Azteca spin-off of the popular MTV show ‘Pimp My Ride”) which will take the young man’s car and turn it into a new, speed machine.

As the magical evening progressed and the audience continued to move to the rhythm, “The Big Boss” surprised yet another young fan who recently had a liver transplant to join him on stage for the chorus of one of his songs.

Close to the edge of midnight and with the Arena in total euphoria, the Boss bid farewell to fans and thanked the audience once again for an unforgettable night.