Daddy Yankee To Premiere 'Descontrol' Video In 3-D

El Cangri is taking his artistry to another dimension with the May 17 premiere of his new video, "Descontrol," which will be available online in 3-D! On Tuesday (May 18), Daddy Yankee fans can also watch the action in 2-D on MTV Tr3s!

"Descontrol" is definitely another bold statement for Daddy Yankee. He is the first Latin artist to use the technology in a video. On Monday, fans will be able to go on to see the video in 3-D, using glasses that were made available to fans who attended Yankee’s in stores and also on the artist’s website.

We've got behind-the-scenes details from the "Descontrol" shoot, after the jump!
The video showcases a fiery performance from the artist, state of the art choreography and special effects in a modern and futuristic space.

With "Descontrol," Yankee wanted to make sure that he brought something new to his fans. El Cangri's acclaimed director Carlos Perez used dynamic camera movements and animation techniques throughout the video to create a unique visual experience. Daddy Yankee believes that "you must bring something 'fresh' to the party and every song, every album and every video. 'Descontrol' will not be an exception."

The artistic direction for "Descontrol" is tied in the look and feel of Yankee’s full length album, “Mundial,” which continues at #1 in sales since its’ release and rise to #28 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

"Descontrol" will also be available on iTunes for purchase next week. You won't want to miss this!

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