Organizers Promise to Pull Off the Biggest Music Festival Ever

Organizers of this year’s Music Festival to be held in Cane Garden Bay from Friday to Saturday have promised that it will be the biggest festival ever put on since its eight year existence.

During a press conference today, Producer Neil Blyden confidently stated that everything is on track, noting that the stage has been completed with the sounding to be in place by tomorrow.

David Archer during today’s press conference.
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
“Come prepared for a great show…It will be the biggest music festival ever and by no means will it be perfect, but we are going to be the best we can be and it will be great. The staging will be different…we put in sandwalls so no matter what happened with the water, it (stage) would not be affected. The sound will be in place by tomorrow… big screens will also be erected.”

There will be 20 vendors at the event with food, drinks and arts and craft. While assuring that there will be adequate security at the event, they urged persons not to carry any illicit drugs in their possession because they will face the consequences.

Lynette Harrigan of the Tourist Board informed the media that hotel rooms have been sold out and car rentals are reporting no availability. “It brings in a lot of resources to the BVI and it is needed in these economic times…we are also seeing flights pouring in already.”

Blyden pointed out that while it is good to have persons living in the BVI to attend the event, it is more rewarding and economically viably when a number of persons come in to the Territory to attend the event.

“It's good you have a show where locals come, but they just drive to the event. Persons from outside will be flying into the country, using restaurants and bars and hotels. So at this time it’s very good.”

In relation to the amount of local artistes that were chosen to perform at the event, Blyden said that over 100 persons wanted the opportunity to perform, but only twenty one were chosen.

Some of the chosen local artistes include Sqad Up, Higher Level, Lashing Dogs, Ritical, Jam Session, Aaron, Third Dimension, Freedom Fighter and Extreme. Overall there will be some 41 local and international performances during the three-day event.

Meanwhile, speaking on the issue of accountability, President of the Committee, Daniel Cline said that two weeks after the event, both the Government and the people of the BVI will see how the monies were spent.

Some of the line ups for the event which will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 22, 23, and 24 are Daddy Yankee, Sizzla, Tanya Stephens, Queen Africa, Serani, Busy Signal, The Drifters, Quito, Peter Ram and the Edge and Ritical.

Tickets will be available up until the event for a price of $20 per night or $50 for the weekend. Tickets are already available from all members of the BVI Music Festival Committee Cane Garden Bay.

The Committee’s Public Relation Officer, David Archer said that so far some two thousand and four hundred pre tickets have been sold.