Let's Talk: Daddy Yankee on Mun2

You asked. Daddy Yankee answered.

When will we see you in another movie? (from LocaEcuator1ana)

Daddy Yankee: I'm working on a synopsis for my second movie. We're planning to shoot in Dominican Republic, the U.S. and México.

Would you ever do music with Panamanian reggaetón or romantic style artists like Flex, Eddy Lover, etc.? (from ***MR PANAMA***)

Daddy Yankee: I respect each artist and their music. Daddy Yankee has a style and we're working on the new sound for Daddy Yankee Mundial.

Que es lo que mas amas en la vida? (from Alacrancita15)

Daddy Yankee: A smile of a kid and to give to those who are in need. Also love my fans and being in concerts.

If you had to chose between acting or music, which would you choose? (from ♥StEpHaNiE♥)

Daddy Yankee: Music and then acting.

When you're nervous about doing something, what do you do to make your nerves go away? (from ♥R.K.M & KEN-Y'z♥ PRINCEZZ)

Daddy Yankee: I pray.

What artists did you look up to when you were growing up? (from Lela81)

Daddy Yankee: Dr. Dre, Nando Boom and Run DMC.

What's your favorite food and what's your favorite candy or dessert? (from pretty_aime)

Daddy Yankee: Arroz con habichuelas and chocolate.

How did you feel about the false rumors that went around about you burning a Mexican flag? (from brownie39)

Daddy Yankee: It was an internet rumor. I love Mexico and my Mexican fans. I respect all the flags.

What did you have to sacrifice to get where you are? (from -:-LA CHYNA -:-)

Daddy Yankee: My family. I wish I can be more time with my family.

What do you consider the biggest accomplishment of your life? (from Baybee™)

Daddy Yankee: Bringing my music around the world and my charity Corazon Guerrero.

What are you planning to do when you retire from reggaetón? (from mzkrazyx3)

Daddy Yankee: Umm… I haven't thought on retirement yet. I'm a workaholic.

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el delator said...

que ladron que es daddy yankee... pobre paolo mengucci... le arruinaron el tema para que bailen los negros