Daddy Yankee In Festival of Vallenato Legend

Daddy Yankee shined last Saturday, May 2, where more than 30 thousand people gathered for the closing of the Festival of Vallenato Legend ‘Consuelo Araujo’ in Valledupar, Colombia. The ‘Big Boss’, along with the body of 6 dancers and musicians showed 9 to dominate the stage from the opening of his presentation which began with his hit “Talento de Barrio.” Daddy Yankee in his speech, all the time showed a profound admiration for the vallenato music, saying that listening to a lot and help build on their compositions. The Puerto Rican did go on the stage of a typical vallenato to be accompanied by cash, guacharacas and accordion in their song ‘Emergency Call’. He then invited on stage to Colombian ‘Better’ Gálvez together to interpret the work of Diomedes Díaz, “Hey beautiful.”

The inhabitants of this city in northeastern Colombia were so thrilled with the presentation of reggaetón idol than a week before his arrival to attend the tickets were sold out his performance.

Prior to meeting its commitment to the Colombian people, Daddy Yankee was in the Curaçao show “Daddy Yankee Live in Curacao in the Festival Center on the island.