Daddy Yankee Brings High-Energy Show to Chile

SANTIAGO – The energy of Caribbean urban rhythms resounded in the Chilean capital’s Movistar Arena as Puerto Rican reggaeton star Daddy Yankee set his more than 10,000 fans on fire with tropical music at its most incandescent.

The Latin Grammy Award-winning artist regaled Santiago Friday night with a concert that featured a mix of past hits and songs off his latest album “Daddy Yankee Mundial” (Daddy Yankee Worldwide), record of the year at the 2011 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

Wearing the getup typical of urban entertainers – wide pants, jacket, cap and pendant – the singer leaped into the arena with its futuristic stage setting, more than 70 spotlights, some 60 reflectors and a number of video screens, to let loose with “Descontrol” (Chaos), one of the singles from his latest CD.

The audience immediately grasped that it was time to dance, and didn’t stop until “the Big Boss” left the stage. “Pose” and “¿Que Tengo que Hacer?” (What Do I Have To Do?) – two numbers from the soundtrack of the movie “Talento de Barrio” (Neighborhood Talent), sung by the Puerto Rican, ended up unleashing all the crowd’s energy.

“Nuestro Amor Se Acabo” (Our Love Is Over), “Mayor que Yo” (Greater Than I), and “Machucando” (Smashing) were among the more classic reggaeton rhythms, and were accompanied by fireworks and the sensual, acrobatic moves of eight dancers.

“Parabrisas” (Windshield Wipers) added one of those moments of communion between artist and audience now typical of the reggaeton singer’s concerts, when he asked the crowd to turn the arena into a genuine galaxy with the illumination and waving of thousands of cell phones.

Amid the visual spectacle, “the Big Boss” of reggaeton took pictures of the crowd and announced that in the same instant he put them on Twitter “so the whole world will know what we did in Santiago,” he said.

“We’re going to leave you now with the song that signifies urban music to the entire world,” the singer said, before letting go with his most popular single, “Gasolina.”

“Rompe” (Break), “Ella Me Levanto” (She Raised Me Up) and “El Ritmo No Perdona” (The Beat Doesn’t Pardon) under a shower of confetti marked the end of an hour and a half of one of the season’s hottest urban concerts.