Daddy Yankee, 'La Despedida' -- New Song

"La Despedida' is the latest song fromDaddy Yankee, one of the biggest reggaeton stars in the world. The track is featured on his most recent album 'Daddy Yankee Mundial,' which has already brought us the hit single 'Grito Mundial.'

The track combines an infectious mid-tempo dance beat with Latin horns and percussion, as Daddy Yankee bids farewell -- but seemingly refuses to give up a lover who is moving away from him, despite his friends' best advice.

Reggaeton is a unique blend of reggae, hip-hop, R&B and many other musical styles that became popular in Daddy Yankee's home country of Puerto Rico and has since exploded across the world. That helps explain the album's title, which translates to 'Daddy Yankee Worldwide.'

Daddy Yankee will be performing a pair of shows in Texas and Florida later this year, but you don't have to travel that far to hear his newest music. All you have to do to hear 'La Despedida' or other fine examples of reggaeton is to listen to AOL Radio's Reggaeton / Urbano station right now.