Daddy Yankee Makes Soap Debut On 'The Bold And The Beautiful'

This is an epic week for soap fans! On Tuesday (June 1), Daddy Yankee made his highly anticipated debut on the Emmy®-Award winning "The Bold and the Beautiful." Airing the first week of June, the Puerto Rican superstar has joined the series for a five-episode story arc.

Daddy Yankee
The episodes also feature the "Ellen" show’s DJ, Tony Okungbowa, as Daddy Yankee's manager, and the first Hispanic model to work on "The Price is Right," Colombia's Manuela Arbelaez.
"The story takes place during a raucous party full of young people who are ready to take a break from the scholarly pursuits of high school. We conceived it as a modern urban take on a masquerade ball," says Emmy-winning Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell. "Daddy Yankee's hypnotic thump is the perfect intoxicating elixir to entice some of the characters into doing things they might not ordinarily do. The consequences for the Forrester family will be devastating, leading to some of the series' most dramatic situations yet."
We've got the episode, plus win an autographed photo of Daddy Yankee and the entire "The Bold and the Beautiful" cast, after the jump!
In El Cangri's first appearance, a lot of drama went down (were you surprised?). Oliver convinces his friend, Daddy Yankee, to perform at Hope’s graduation party while scouting a location for his latest music video. Stephen conducts a shady business arrangement with Mick Guthrie. Pam becomes flustered when she stumbles upon a half-naked Stephen. Brooke threatens Steffy to stay away from Oliver and to not even consider any attempts at sabotaging Hope’s party.
Unfortunately we can't embed the clip, but here is a link to the first Daddy Yankee episode.
El Cangri fans can enter a contest on his website,, to win an autographed photo of the star and the entire "The Bold and the Beautiful" cast.
There's more: watch Daddy Yankee in both English and Spanish by hitting the SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) button on your remote control. You'll be able to hear Daddy (who recorded his voice for bot options) en Español!
The Grammy winner has even more to celebrate: El Cangri recently surpassed the one million fan mark on his Official Facebook page. We wonder how many more new fans he'll gain from his dramatic appearance in the soap universe?
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