Review: “Mundial,” Daddy Yankee (Sony U.S. Latin)

Despite language gaps, some music is able to rise above and be enjoyable. It’s easy to hear why reggaeton star Daddy Yankee is burning up the airwaves at clubs and dance floors.

For the most part, “Mundial” is high-energy and does have infectious tracks such as “Descontrol” and “La Señal.” “La Despedida” even kind of sounds like a Latin version of a Daft Punk song. But sadly, other than “Grito Mundial,” Daddy Yankee doesn’t offer much else worth listening to. “Rumba y Candela” is bogged down with too many different rhythms, while “Me Enteré” is awful with autotune.

It seems like very few popular artists know how to use the technique well aside from Shakira. Too often it ends up like a bad Adam Sandler film: just annoying. Add in the rapping on “Campero a Mi Manera,” which is terrible without any real flow and it leaves those seeking reggae with crossover appeal waiting for Nas & Damian Marley’s “Distant Relatives” to drop in May.

*visaliatimesdelta by PETE MENTING*