Daddy Yankee Returns to Big Screen

Reggaeton's top star Daddy Yankee has been added to the cast of a new film titled 'Pleasant Ave.' The film will be a co-production between U.S.-based production companies Who's On First? and Production PR, with Puerto Rico's Pichaera Records and RVM Entertainment. The film will be shot in Puerto Rico during the fall and will be directed by James B. Harrys.

This is not the first time fans will see Daddy Yankee on the big screen, in 2008 he led the cast of 'Talento de Barrio,' a low budget independent film that went on to become Puerto Rico's higher grossing film of all time. 'Pleasant Ave' will be in English and has a budget of 15 million dollars, which would be considered a big budget in Latin American cinema.

The film will be set around the struggle over drug control between Puerto Ricans and Italians in New York during the 1950s. Yankee is currently promoting his latest album 'Mundial,' which comes out next week.