2009 Campechean Carnival

Hello friends, the first month of 2009 is almost gone, and this means that "Carnaval" is around the corner (7-24th of February). A time for "fiesta" (party). The "Carnaval" is a tradition in Mexico and other places around the world. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Brazil, and so many places. But according to Christine DelSol, a former chronicle travel editor, I quote: "Mexico's only walled city, once beset by pirates, hosts the country's oldest Carnival celebration." Of course Campeche celebrates it big; many events will be held on the days previous to the parades. The elections of the Carnival Queen, the carnival's children's queen and king, among others. Here is the schedule:

February 7th, (Saturday)
The “Pre-carnival” dance, to be held in the “Circo Teatro Renacimiento (Theater Circus Renaissance)

February 8th (Sunday)
Children's Folk Dancing contest

February 11th (Wednesday)
Traditional Female dancing (only women go) to be held in the Alambra Convention Center.

February 12th (Thursday)
The symbolic Bad mood Pirate’s and his Rooster of Joy, funeral and burning.

February 14th (Saturday)
Crowning of the Queen and King of the University of Campeche, the following day the crowning of the ones from the Campechean Institute, both events to be held at the acoustic shell in Barrio de San Roman. Also, the mournful march and burning of Juan Carnaval.

February 16th (Monday)
With the crowning of the Queen and King of people with different capacities (handicapped) the events at the Ah Kim Pech forum begin + Concert with Yahir, popular singer

February 17th (Tuesday)
Crowning of the Children's Queen and King + Concert with Belanova - Pop singer

February 18th (Wednesday)
Crowning of the Carnaval's Queen and King + Concert with Reik band

February 19th (Thursday)
The Flower’s Parade and the Crowning of the Queen of Show business + Concert with Daddy Yankee

February 20th (Friday)
“Corso Infantil” the Children's parade + Concert at night fall with Oscar de León

February 21st (Saturday)
The main parade “Sabado de Bando” + concert with Elvis Crespo.

February 22nd (Sunday)
Costume contest, the Honorable Naval Patrol parade + Concert with the band “Intocables”

February 23d (Monday)
Campechean festival and Monday of Carnaval with the band “Tucanes de Tijuana”