Talento De Barrio: El Soundtrack to a movie and a life

After an incredible musical career already spanning across 10 albums in more than 13 years, Daddy Yankee remains steadily grounded in the waves of musical revolution that would often overwhelm lesser artists. Just a little over a year after El Cartel: The Big Boss garnered huge success on the US and Latin charts, Daddy Yankee returns again with a vengeance with Talento De Barrio: El Soundtrack. This time around, however, Daddy Yankee takes a step up and expands on the musical stronghold he’s been building. Talento De Barrio is a unique effort: the soundtrack to a movie of the same name which Daddy Yankee himself co-produces - a tale of a youth struggling to grow up in the harsh realities of urban Puerto Rico, armed with little but audacity and a burning talent. Talento De Barrio is not quite a biography, but it does mirror the life of Daddy Yankee himself growing up. Talento De Barrio: El Soundtrack is the anthem of that tale, the accompaniment of that brave journey.

The first single released, ‘Pose’, has already hit top 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Latin Song chart, and number 10 on the Chilean Singles Chart so far. Its second single, Somos de Calle (‘We’re from the street’), is also set to be on the rise.

Daddy Yankee has certainly come far from his younger days of struggling in the city, practicing vocal improvisations and imitating other rap artists. His struggles have brought him on a journey, and today he sits proud as one of the original artists of reggaeton who is still going strong on music charts. Daddy Yankee has certainly made a genre for himself, and the Daddy Yankee pictures in his travels is yet to be complete. Talento de Barrio: El Soundtrack could well be the soundtrack of the life of this Harvard University endorsed Latino of the year 2008 himself.

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Luis said...

quiero saber como se llam la cancion que el canta en el antro con julio voltio. favor de contestarme el que lo sepa, Gracias.

La Cangri Del Blogger said...

Somos haci underground/NO es culpa mia!