McCain drills for ‘Gasolina’

ARLINGTON, VA — Sen. McCain continued his effort to reach out to the Latino community by inviting Puerto Rican Reggaeton star, Daddy Yankee, to campaign headquarters Saturday afternoon.

The Latin Grammy Award winning performer, who first hit it big on the charts with his 2005 song “Gasolina,” (above) arrived at the Crystal City offices in a Cadillac Escalade wearing a gray suit, diamond-studded earrings and sunglasses.

“He invited me to have a brief conversation on how we can improve the living conditions in Hispanic communities,” Daddy Yankee told reporters gathered outside campaign headquarters after the meeting, but said he is not ready to endorse McCain.

“We are evaluating the proposal which is very interesting as far as the entire Hispanic community (is concerned),” he said when asked if he would campaign for the Republican presidential candidate. Fellow Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin endorsed Hillary Clinton during her primary campaign this spring.

Campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said McCain and Daddy Yankee had a productive conversation but did not discuss any details of their meeting.

“There were no LP’s cut. There was no joint performance. It was private meeting,” Bounds said. “John McCain has a long record and a depth of experience on the issues that are important to Hispanic voters and we will continue to showcase that as we go forward.”

The Daddy Yankee conversation took place on a day when McCain spent nearly 6 hours at campaign headquarters conducting a number of meetings with senior advisers including Charlie Black and Meg Whitman.

**All I have to say to this matter is.. Daddy Be wise about this...**