Daddy Yankee - talento de barrio review

El Cangri is back with his new album "Talento De Barrio". Honestamente estaba un poco nervioso de escuchar las nuevas canciones. Seeing how Wisin Y Yandel have managed to reinvent the reggaeton sound. They had everyone running around looking for new beats. I should've known better then to doubt Yankee though. He not only delivers the same HOT tracks we are used to hearing from him. He also shows he can roll with the modern sound like the best of them. The new CD is a mix of old school cumbia/merengue style reggaeton to the modern dance/synth influenced reggaeton.

Highlights of the album are Que Tengo Que Hacer. The track is kinda like "Tempted to touch" but sexier. Definetly a summer jam. "Suelta" has a catchy beat and chorus that will have you singing "suuueeelta". Lastly "Llamado de Emergencia" is similar to "Ella Me Levanto" from his last album. It has that infectious sound that makes you wanna get up and move your hips. Needless to say vayan a comprar este CD!