Daddy Yankee Makes His Film Debut In Talento De Barrio

Daddy “Latino of the Year” Yankee is super, pero like, duper excited about his film debut in HBO Latin Film Festival’s Talento De Barrio. It’s, you know. A little indie film slash romantic comedy slash science fiction blockbuster sort of thing. Or something:

“We’re working really hard on the film. It was two years of a lot of work, and I truly didn’t realize the kinds of sacrifices people have to make in the film industry. The theme is ‘we’re from the streets’ and we’ve gotten a lot of support,” said the 31-year-old Puerto Rican singer.

The film–Daddy Yankee’s first–will appear on the big screen July 23 in New York, about two weeks after the release of his new album, which is slated for July 15.

Oh, good. We’re barely able to make it through a Daddy Yankee song without having to stifle the urge to see him recite words on a large screen next to an exploding fire hydrant while a small child krumps in the background.

Daddy Yankee’s film debut [People en Español]